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We are a family owned business created in June 2017


Our story began when we decided to give Kremas as thank you gifts at our dear sister’s wedding. Originated from Haiti but made right at home from the heart. Growing up, this traditional specialty has always been the center of type of festivities.

For all occasions such as Christmas, Weddings, Communions, Birthdays, Baby showers and more. It is our goal as a company focusing on the family concept, to bring the best curated recipe to you. Kremas is a good adding to all tables among all the varieties of drinks on the market but our product will give you the proof that you are not only a customer, but the feeling of being part of something that goes way back to our History time : TRADITION. 

Now that it is in high demand, we are overjoyed to share our divine Tasty Island coconut based drink KREMAS CREOLE to you . We promise you, your taste buds will be craving for some more.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Note: We also do wholesale orders and if you’re interested in giving Kremas Creole as a gift, do not hesitate to contact us.


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